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Body Shaping

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Body Shaping Body Contouring Treatment - Clinics International

For both men and women, a healthy body shape is something to strive for. Unfortunately, it can be hard when life gets in the way: busy schedules leading to lack of exercise or unhealthy diets; hormonal changes due to pregnancy or age; weight fluctuations over time; as well as some diseases that affect our appearance. As such, many individuals find themselves with loose abdominal muscles and undesirable fat accumulation around their belly area, waistline , hips/buttocks region , arms and legs - all contributing factors towards an overall unsatisfactory look. To combat these issues one must implement active living habits along with proper nutrition choices which will help ensure long-term health benefits physically & mentally alike.

Body Contouring Solution of Clinics International

Clinics International is the premier destination for treatments tailored to your individual needs. During a personalized consultation, we'll discuss and consider all available options before recommending the best course of action. Our specialized techniques include TESLAFormer Functional Magnetic Stimulation technology designed to develop muscle mass and tone with no downtime; Biodermogenesi - an innovative skin-tightening procedure ideal for improving contours like bum lifting or breast firming while also reducing cellulite, stretch marks or scars on other parts of your body without any pain; as well as HIFU (Ultracel) & micro needling (Intracel) treatments targeting drooping skin around face & neck areas without requiring any surgery!

Our treatments are comprised of carefully selected devices that synergistically work together for optimal results. Not only do our therapies provide physical benefits, but also mental wellbeing! Additionally, we add in regenerative medicine to take your experience up a notch and stimulate cellular regeneration from within.

    Treatment Areas

  • Arms
  • Abs
  • Glutes
  • Inner & Outer Thighs
  • Calves
  • Love Handles (Flanks)

    Treatment Info

  • Duration: 30 - 40 minutes
  • Downtime: Little to No Downtime
  • Lasts: Long term
  • Results: Lifting, toning & firming
  • Suggested sessions: 4 - 8 session
  • Intervals: Once or twice a week

We understand you might have some concerns about your body and in need of a treatment option to help reach your body goals. Contact us to find out more about our treatment options and to book your consultation.

Body Shaping FAQ