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Ageing Hands

Sick of having your hands give away your age?

In addition to sagging and loose skin, age spots or liver spots caused by years of sun exposure and other adverse environmental impacts appear on hands. Since the hand skin is much thinner than the skin on the face and there is less fat on the back of the hand, aging signs are much prominent. Collagen and elastic fiber breakdown as a result of aging shows its striking effects especially on the hands.

Who can benefit from hand rejuvenation?

All patients with signs of aging on their hands can benefit from hand rejuvenation procedures.

Changes on hands with age include the following:

  • Loss of subcutaneous tissue: Depending on the loss of subcutaneous fat tissue, the skin on the back of the hand sags and wrinkles; veins and bones become more visible.
  • Thinning and aging of the skin: The skin dries, gets thinner and wrinkles and becomes so thin as if it can be torn like paper.
  • Skin spots: Brown, red spots which are also called age spots appear on the skin. These are caused by sun damage, and some of them have the risk of developing into skin cancer.