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Eye Bags

Peering into the mirror, one might catch a glimpse of mild swelling or puffiness lurking beneath their eyes. Though a natural side effect of aging, it's often caused by the weakening of tissues and muscles surrounding the eyelids. Fat that previously played a supportive role for the eyes can sometimes drift downwards, giving the appearance of puffy under-eye bags. In addition to that, fluid may also accumulate, creating a less-than-ideal look.



With aging, thinning and sagging of the skin under eyes occur therefore it is accepted as normal to have under eye bags in with aging. Being thinner than the rest of the body, skin under the eyes is rather sensitive. In addition to this sensitivity, as the skin ages, deterioration is seen in the muscles that support the eyelids and the skin starts to sag. As a result, fat comes out of the space enclosed by the eye socket, called the orbit, and forms a puffy area (under eye bag) under the eye.

Insufficient sleep

This must have happened to most of us. The first sight we see when we look in the morning of a sleepless night is puffy eyes. Indeed, one of the main reasons of under eye bags is lack of a good night sleep. In addition to the length of sleep, having an uninterrupted and relaxing, high quality sleep is also important. It is normal to have under eye bags as a result of any disease or disorder which causes disturbed sleep.

Fatigue and Stress

When you have to work until late hours at night or if you sit in front of your computer for hours without realizing how much time has passed on the internet, the organ that is most affected are the eyes. Looking at a computer screen for a long time, watching television, insufficient and low quality sleep are among the causes of fatigue and under eye bags.

Stress affects eye muscles and similar to the aging process, fat comes out of the space enclosed by the eye socket called the orbit due to stress.


Even moderate dehydration can lead to under eye bags. The best way to prevent dehydration is to drink enough water during the day. Although it is difficult to claim a single number since daily water requirement changes from person to person, 13 glasses of water for men and 9 glasses of water for women a day is considered to be sufficient.

Hereditary factors

Another main reason for under-eye bags is hereditary factors. Under eye bags start to be seen in some people when they are still in their twenties. If the parents or grandparents of the person with under eye bags have also under eye bags, this can most probably be a hereditary problem.

Eye Rubbing

The skin under the eye is very sensitive and when you rub your eyes, tissues here can react immediately and become swollen. At the same time, dark circles can appear under the eyes and this makes the bags more visible. You may be touching eyes with your hands too often due to reasons such as allergies, cigarette smoke, eye dryness. In this case, first you have to eliminate the reason that makes you rub your eyes to prevent under eye bags.

Smoking and alcohol

Smoking causes dryness in the skin and in the eyes as well as irritation in the eyes. Eye dryness is an uncomfortable condition which causes burning and stinging sensation. If you feel the need to rub your eyes frequently because of dryness, you will also cause under eye bags. Second hand smoking as much as smoking also causes the same problems. Alcohol causes dehydration in the body thus leading to under eye bags.


The reason for edema in the body may not only be too much salt consumption. Some diseases, inflammation or fatigue can cause edema in the body. In this case, under eye bags are normal.

Underlying Disorders

Under eye bags can occur due to kidney disorders, thyroid problems, infections or allergic reactions. However, these disorders usually have other symptoms and it is best to evaluate other complaints and symptoms together with under eye bags.

We understand you might be struggling with under eye bags and in need of a treatment option. Contact us to find out more about our treatment options.