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Large Pores

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Each pore opens to a canal called a follicle which also contains a hair and a sebaceous gland. Pores are used to deliver the oil called sebum to the skin surface, which protects the skin from external factors and bacteria. Oiliness of the skin and genetics affect the size of pores.

Where are enlarged pores seen?

Enlarged pores are mostly seen on cheeks, forehead and jaw on the face. There are also people with enlarged pores all over their faces.

What are the reasons for enlarged pores?

Pores are clogged with excess sebum causing enlarged pores mostly in people with oily skin and black spots. Enlarged pores are usually seen in acne patients. However, there are also people who have enlarged pores but no acne problem. Aging causes reduction in collagen production and with sagging skin this can cause pores to become more visible. Aged skin and damage caused by the sun on the skin makes the skin thicker and slows down the cell turnover rate. Accumulation of dead skin cells in pores, which cannot be pushed off the skin causes enlargement of pores.

What is the reason to shrink skin pores?

Skin with large pores is treated for cosmetic purposes. However, it is not possible to remove pores completely. The goal of the treatment should be to shrink and minimize pores.

What treatments are used to minimize pore sizes in oily skin?

In order to minimize pores, it is necessary to consider the structure of the skin. The main problem in young skin with large pores is that the skin is oily and the pores become clogged. In young people, black spots that clog pores should be prevented. Salicylic acid creams, gels and lotions, vitamin A creams and gels, creams and gels that contain fruit acids can be used to prevent clogging of pores. If pores are clogged despite the use of such products, professional skin cleansing under the supervision of a physician should be done. Fractional RF microneedling and laser applications can be used to improve effectiveness in young skins. If there are scars in addition to enlarged pores, fractional systems or magnetic stimulation technologies to help regeneration of the skin can be used.

Which treatments are used to minimize pore sizes in dry and mixed skin?

In the event of enlarged pores due to decreased collagen, methods that rejuvenate the skin and increase collagen production should be used. We use a micro-needling RF (Intracel) system and Magnetic Stimulation system (Biodermogenesi) which we think they are the most effective method for skin rejuvenation and minimizing pores. Biodermogenesi is used to regenerate the skin in a natural way and increase type 3 non fibrotic collagen.

How are treatments effective in minimizing pores?

The methods used in treatment are effective in minimizing pores by causing new collagen synthesis and increasing shedding of dead skin cells. Depending on the condition of the patient, 1-3 sessions are performed every 4 to 6 weeks with Intracel and 6 - 10 sessions every other day with Biodermogenesi.

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