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Say goodbye to wrinkles with Clinics international

As we age, our skin goes through changes that can result in wrinkles. These lines and creases can become more pronounced over time, particularly in areas like the eyes, mouth, and neck. Some wrinkles can even develop into deep furrows, making them more prominent. Understanding what causes these changes in the skin can help us take steps to slow or reduce their appearance.

Why does a wrinkle occur?

The natural process of aging can cause a decrease in important skin components such as collagen, elastic fibers, and hyaluronic acid. This can lead to a loss of skin tension and the onset of wrinkles. In particular, areas of the skin that undergo frequent motion - like the periphery of the lips, cheeks, and eyes - are more prone to developing wrinkles. These may manifest as vertical lines on the forehead, around the eyes, or in areas where skin folds during sleep. It's important to address these changes in the skin to maintain a youthful and healthy appearance.

What influences the degree of wrinkles?

More wrinkles occur in those who have a dry and thin skin, who make a lot of mimics, who smoke, who stay under the sunlight, who consume less protein, vitamins and antioxidants, who feed with foods increasing glucose level (sugar wrinkles), who have an irregular sleep pattern and due to air pollution.

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